Morecambe Bay Poet


I started this blog because my work was published this year.

The content of my site is related to two impending public events; the Arthur Ransome fiftieth anniversary in April 2017 and a new film about Oscar Wilde called The Happy Prince written by and starring Rupert Everett also scheduled for release next year.

Both these classic authors influenced my work.

As America is big news at present, now seems the best time to introduce a site with a feel of Winter’s Bone about it and a poem with a flavour of rural America to give you a taste of my work.  Milestones, the opening poem of my book is read in full.  Just click the link.

















4 thoughts on “Morecambe Bay Poet

  1. Beautiful poem. I liked the ending on taking the road. Too bad you can’t embed the Mp3 directly into the post. I had to load several pages to get back and comment, which will be a deterrent to others doing the same. Suzy Hazelwood embeds an mp3 right into her post. You can listen and comment without reloading pages. You can see an example of her doing this here:

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