Wilde to Ransome

The Arthur Ransome Society

The purpose of this site is to raise awareness and encourage appreciation of the literature given to the world by Arthur Ransome and Oscar Wilde.

This is especially appropriate in 2017, Arthur Ransome’s fiftieth anniversary year.

I am a north west poet,  film maker and member of The Arthur Ransome Society (TARS) with a published first collection Pathways.  For more about my book follow the link below,

Much of my poetry collection was inspired by these great writers.

I  started this project in 2014 about the little-known connection between the two writers.  I wrote and directed two films,  The Genius and the Rebel and Wilde-Douglas in co-operation with Lancaster Film Makers’ Co-op and Lancaster Royal Grammar School.



















4 thoughts on “Wilde to Ransome

  1. Beautiful poem. I liked the ending on taking the road. Too bad you can’t embed the Mp3 directly into the post. I had to load several pages to get back and comment, which will be a deterrent to others doing the same. Suzy Hazelwood embeds an mp3 right into her post. You can listen and comment without reloading pages. You can see an example of her doing this here: https://thewritinggarden.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/the-writing-garden-issue-fourteen/

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