The Christmas Post


This week I have been working with Lancaster actor Mr Chris Wright on our current work-in-progress together at the new cafe which has opened on New Street in Lancaster called Wilde and Well Read.

The project links Wilde with Arthur Ransome and Wilde the poet is central to our collaboration.

It is great to walk into the cafe and see a photo of Wilde as a young man at the time his first collection of poetry was published.

The mouth-watering cakes on display bring to mind (alas for me!) Wilde’s famous sentence,

“I can resist everything except temptation.”


Did you know that Wilde and Ransome had a connection with France, which is part of my newsletter?

French writers influenced Wilde’s comedies and Ransome travelled to France to meet Wilde’s friends when writing his study of Wilde’s work.

On that note, au revoir till 2017!






















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