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Ransome, Writers and Romanies

Hi everyone!  As the gypsy theme continues, it seems appropriate to include as  visual material a photo of me in Lancaster’s largest and hilliest park taken  by a great local photographer Mr George Coupe.  The surroundings look appropriately wild and unspoiled.

After a blast into the past with my last blogs, here is a bang-up-to-date account of UK arts activities among the gypsy and traveller community in a county famous for its sausages.

A remarkable charity there is devoted to offering artistic opportunities to Romanies and other travellers.

The Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative do educational work with local gypsy and traveller communities.   Although they offer life-long learning for all members of these groups, their main work is with youths aged eleven to seventeen.

Young gypsies and travellers with artistic gifts often find it difficult to express their creative talents through community isolation.

This organisation makes the arts central to their work with them and show that learning can be an enjoyable experience if an environment is created where the human imagination has great value.

Poetry writing is prime among activities offered to young people from Romany and traveller communities in Lincolnshire in addition to singing, short story writing and learning the piano or guitar.

These young people also get the chance to finish the Trinity College London
Arts Award.

It is good to know that art and culture in gypsy communities is as alive now as it was one hundred years ago and that they are certainly not averse to verse!

See this link for more.













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