The Kipling Experience




The Reptile Shop


Did you know that both Oscar Wilde and Arthur Ransome liked the work of Rudyard Kipling, the poet who is also author of The Jungle Book?

Parents whose children love this book may like to know that a Kipling-esque pet shop has opened on Queen Street in Morecambe run by Matt and Ali.

I paid a visit today.

For those of you who have read my newsletter, as you can see, Lady Lucinda is a Burmese Python.   Isn’t she lovely?

I interviewed Matt in this intriguing new shop and learned about these amazing creatures.

First, here is some information about Lady Lucinda.

Age: 3 years old (a baby)

Adult at:  10 years old

Length now: 9 feet

Length as an adult: 19 feet

Q and A about Burmese Pythons

Q:  Do they want to eat people?

A: No.

Q: Why?

A: Because they have the wrong smell.  Burmese pythons like the scent of rodents, their natural prey.

Q: So what is their favourite food?

A:  Rats and mice.

Q:  Where do pet snakes live?

A: Snake houses called vivariums made of glass and wood with sliding doors.

Q: Do they live in trees?

A: No.  They are terrestrial animals and mainly stay on the ground but they do go into bushes.

Other Info

This type of snakes are the gentle giants of the jungle.

They need specialist care from people who love animals and understand snakes.

They see humans as trees.  Look how in the photo Lady Lucinda winds herself round Matt!

She was really sweet, though I don’t think I’ll be joining her for afternoon tea!



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