Time to Remember!


“Suzanna was good at gutting fish.  She is not a remotely squeamish person, in fact she loves snakes and other reptiles.”

Sophie Neville, The Secrets of Filming Swallows and Amazons

Today on the way to an appointment I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Kindle version of this book. on my phone.   It has superb links to behind-the-scenes footage that you can watch when you have Wifi. 

Who remembers the 1974s film directed by  the legendary Claude Whatham?

The photo second to the right of the picture shows Sophie Neville playing Titty Walker in an official movie still with her co-star Sten Grendon and the far right photo shows Sophie appearing on ITV News at Ten recently.   It’s great to see she’s still sailing!

Unquestionably, Suzanna Hamilton, who played Susan Walker would bond with Lady Lucinda featured in the last post  The Kipling Experience.

It was intriguing reading how the Seventies crew had an adder on their set.

The budget was clearly a headache.  (Sorry, I could not resist that!)

A particularly charming feature of Sophie’s book is the way the narrative moves between the fresh, artless notes she wrote in her diary during the filming and her present memoir.  Particularly impressive is the way the generations pulled together co-operatively in the cause of telling the great classic story of Swallows and Amazons, especially as it was not all roses and wine, or without danger, particularly for the children.

They obviously took the famous duffers quote to heart, reflecting the pluck of Ransome’s heroes and heroines.












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