Arthur Ransome Exhibition at Coniston

Hello again!  Welcome back to the site.  Regular posts will now resume!

Saturday, 3rd June 2017 was the fiftieth anniversary of Arthur Ransome’s death in 1967.   On that day I made a trip to the superb Arthur Ransome exhibition at Coniston museum in Cumbria which commemorates and celebrates his superb legacy in this significant year.

Setting off at 8 am from Morecambe, the journey was long and charming, involving a trip in the car across a stretch of water by ferry!

Once there I met other members of The Arthur Ransome Society (TARS) who had specially arranged this trip which offered an opportunity for everyone from the north west branch to meet each other there on that day.  My Dad, a dedicated history enthusiast also joined us and was not disappointed.

Mr Geraint Lewis, the Literary Executor kindly allowed me to take a photo of him along with other members (below)  and a long shot of the room housing the exhibition.

In addition to expected items relating to his famous books, there were also some superb photos of Russian citizens  and bearded soldiers  whom Ransome befriended in his capacity as a newspaper correspondent.  The photos of people in threadbare clothes on rackety looking trains or on horseback gave an indication of why there was a revolution!

I particularly liked the displayed hard-backed book of Arthur Ransome’s translation of popular Russian fairy stories titled  Old Peter’s Russian Tales.  It had the most exquisite illustrations in.

There were also books of photographs detailing the various stages of Ransome’s life and highlighting the brilliant work done by members of the Society who do so much to keep his memory alive.

It was a joy to see his fishing tackle and the shoes he wore when he went fishing.

Also interesting was the antiquated printing equipment the author used.

This exhibition is recommended.

Members say also recommended is the Brantwood cafe at the nearby John Ruskin museum for after the museum visit.

It was a lovely day with lively and intelligent conversation.



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