Edinburgh Excursion

Well, the Arthur Ransome Society Conference is in Edinburgh this year; a great literary event for his fiftieth anniversary. (For film stills and pic see below).

I am the first speaker tomorrow night!

My talk will be about how A R was the man who made Oscar Wilde in the twentieth century through his book he wrote about Wilde Oscar Wilde: A Critical Study which ended in a law suit in 1913 when Alfred Douglas sued him for libel.

The case set New Georgian England alight and had repercussions to the present day.

The talk includes two films, one about Arthur Ransome called The Genius and the Rebel .  (10 minutes).  The second (3 minutes) is about a lost link in the enigmatic Wilde-Douglas relationship.

Just an added note – Lord A – so often seen as “the English Lord” was not English at all! He was a Scotsman!  It is appropriate he should be part of a weekend talk!

I would like to show both films on my site after the Conference.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School pupils take the roles of Martin Secker and Arthur Ransome, (top picture on the right) and Wilde and Douglas.








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