Great Scot!





Among the photos above,  the first and third are of the beautiful natural world around Edinburgh.

Some TARS (The Arthur Ransome Society) members chose to explore the area outside the great city on their free afternoon during our recent A R weekend.  The second photo is of the ancient Duddenston Kirk church and the last is a film still from the short Wilde-Douglas.

Here is the promised second film that was shown at the TARS Conference in Edinburgh at the beginning of September.   (See TARS Treats).   Just click on the link below to view.

Lord Alfred Douglas

The young Scots Lord from Dumfriesshire meets Oscar Wilde in Rouen, France and invites him to Naples.

The year is 1897.

Douglas was a good poet.  Among his works are a collection of children’s poems, of which The Cod has won praise in literary circles.  Wilde said he was best at the ballad.

The scene  was filmed at The Robert Gillow Pub in Lancaster.

Lancaster Royal Grammar Students take the roles of Douglas and Oscar Wilde.







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