The Mistletoe Haunting Legend of Minster Lovell


As we settle into autumn and enjoy the feast of ghost stories on offer, take a look at this elegantly written novel by David Slattery-Christy which moves between 1893 and the present day.   It will also make a wonderful Yule tide stocking-filler.

This great tale transports the reader to a gothic manor, in the grounds of which, is a sinister lake surrounded by swirling mists.

The familiar characters are present associated with this genre; the vapid suitor, a jealous schemer and the loyal, middle-aged housekeeper.  However, what makes this well-paced book stand out is the refreshing individuality and originality of all the characters including the supporting ones.

Nevertheless, Mr Slattery-Christy’s greatest achievement is in the portrait of his heroine.  Lady Ellen Forsyth, a Christmas bride, is surely the most engaging, delicate and feminine protagonist ever created by a man.

He also masterfully creates an insight into the limitations and paradoxes of Victorian society which led to many leading an unfulfilled life or risking a life of deception for success or survival.

As this story of betrayal and deceit unfolds, this work becomes a page turner as the pieces fall into place.

It is a work of distinction.  Don’t miss it.




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