Halloween Humour

This is the last of the Halloween related posts.

Thanks go to Mr Chris Wright of UpFront Theatre in Lancaster UK for filming the attached video and to The Friends Meeting House in Lancaster for permission to film.

Though the supernatural was not to Arthur Ransome’s taste, an important writer who lived at the time Ransome was a young man and whose work had a definite taste for the macabre was Saki, also known as H H Munro.

The countryside, animals and nature are central to his famous collection of short stories which satirize the Edwardian era and display a Wildean-type wit.

Born in 1870, Saki became a casualty of The Great War and died in 1916.

One of his tales has a title which would surely have struck a chord with Arthur Ransome is The Open Window.

If you want a taste of the Halloween spirit on the day itself, just click the link.

It’s good to remember  that fun is central to enjoyment of this season.

So – till next year


Happy Halloween!








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