The Quantum Poet at Golborne Library




Do you remember Mr Dean Fraser, a.k.a. the Quantum Poet who took part in Wilde Reflections, a show in Garstang, Lancashire, UK in January 2018?

Mr Fraser has a lot of time for Arthur Ransome as he is of Gypsy heritage himself and like Ransome has a great respect for nature which is evident in his poetry.

On Thursday, April 12th 2018 we caught up with each other at Golborne library in south Lancashire in the UK.

It was so good to be at a library with free parking!

At his event he commented that all good music is poetry.

As you are aware PoetSpeak challenges the popular notion that music and musicality have no significant role in Oscar Wilde’s work.

The comment was most welcome!

After the show it was nice to stop in The Queen Anne pub for light refreshments.  It was a very clean establishment.

For a full review of his presentation at which the poet read a selection from his books click the link below.

Mr Dean Fraser at Golborne




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