About Me

I am a dramatist, enthusiastic film maker and published poet from Morecambe.

My fantasy play showcased in Manchester is  The Hand of Chance.

My  shorts are a ghost story Adieu with Love, a monologue Out of Darkness  about Titanic survivor Harold Bride,  a comedy Through the Dating Website and two dramas The Genius and the Rebel, about how the young Arthur Ransome undertook a controversial commission and Wilde Douglas about a lost link in the relationship between Oscar Wilde and Alfred Douglas.  The lead actors in the films were from Lancaster Royal Grammar School.

My full lenghth screenplay set in the French Revolution is Love, Lies and a Capuchin.  

The purpose of the site is to draw attention to Wilde as a poet and Ransome.

Here is the link to an advert for a lecture I gave in 2015.