Arthur Ransome and Oscar Wilde News

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Dear Folks

Long time, no hear you think!

The new news is I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful professional actors at Guild House, the actors’ union head office in a workshop I led on April 18th.

The text was my screenplay, The Genius and the Rebel, that sheds light on history’s lost story and the homophobic, mainly white England of 1910.  The substance of the screenplay is that the movers and shakers of the time, Arthur Ransome and the publisher Martin Secker challenged this established world.

Both were determined to have Wilde, imprisoned for homosexual practices fifteen years earlier acknowledged as the genius he was by the UK literati.

There was a pleasing range of ages and ethnicity in the workshop, which yielded pleasingly unexpected and thought-provoking feedback.

Thank you so much everyone!



News on Arthur and Oscar

I have re-joined The Oscar Wilde Society!

I have also worked regarding The Story of these two which is fascinating.

The British Library is a rich resource for further research on many topics and is well worth a visit.

Do get A R’s autobiography and absorb his amazing accounts of his experience during W W I as Remembrance Sunday approaches.

A friend of Lenin, he was at one point suspected of being Double Agent Ransome!

See you.


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Oscar Wilde Quiz

Discord is to be forced to be in harmony with others.”

Which Wilde wag or maverick said this and in which work?

Do you know?  Why ask?

Well, the latest news is that there is going to be a quiz in November for Oscar Wilde Society members!

Which of you readers of my blog know that Wilde’s publisher was called John Lane?   See below for more on this!

In which play is there a servant of that name?

The quiz night is going to be such fun!

Why not join this exquisite Society?

Just click the link to find out more!

Poet has been ill which is why this post has been off the radar for a while.




Wilde Screenplay, North-west Nugget (UK)

Here is an update on the present project-a film of Wilde’s poem Garden of Eros.

The characters are the Lover and Beloved, her lovestruck swain.

The idea is that they will move to a Voice Over.

I first studied screenwriting with The Arvon Foundation, gaining a bursery to do so.  It was near a place called Sheepwash in Devon.  The course was superb.  Centres are all over the United Kingdom.  More can be found on

Ms Lucy Scher and Mr Paul Fraser were my tutors.

Raindance taught me about film production.

For their courses see

They also run a film festival.  Details are on

Their courses are excellent value for money and recommended!

Mr Ray Turner Director of Photography on most of my films has given permission to thank him for designing my logo since my initial post.

For more about him see  He was instrumental in establishing Lancaster Film Makers’ Co-op.   For more about us see our YouTube link.





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Bank Holiday News

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I am unexpectedly off to London on business and to see the work of Mr Neil Titley who has played Oscar Wilde round the world!

I am looking forward to meeting members of The Oscar Wilde Society and of course (hopefully) Mr Titley!

It would also be nice to try and catch up with members of The Arthur Ransome Society in London.

There is also news on the film of an excerpt of Wilde’s poem Garden of Eros.

The person playing the part of the Narrator (the Lover) is the delightful, beautiful Miss G who has a talent for acting and is also a musician who writes her own songs.

This is so appropriate for a poet whom Arthur Ransome recognised as a Gypsy academic whose poetic works had a proximity to folk song.

Now there is the search for  a swain!  He will be the Beloved.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday!










Photo Challenge: Growth

This photo of a simnel cake enjoyed at Easter is for me the representation of new life and growth.

Easter is the religious festival to look forward to at the start of the year.

The eggs on the cake represent new life and the marzipan balls which symbolise Christ’s “disciples” bring to mind the new path of their life and the new religion Christianity which they brought to the world.

It is certainly relevant to my blog too in its relation to Oscar Wilde’s stories, notably The Selfish Giant which has Christianity central to its tale and in which a garden plays a large part.

Everyone at the beginning of the year should read this story!





dsc_0061via Photo Challenge: Growth

Music, Drawing and Music with the Wilde and Ransome Touch.

Ransome and Wilde offered a bridge to other forms of art in their writing.  Both were fine artists in the sense of an ability to draw.

In fact Wilde thought of being an artist before deciding to be a writer.

His drawing of his youthful first love Florence Balcombe is beautiful.

Ransome also contributed illustrations for his books.

Yet music is an important part of their work.  The old folk favourite such as the well-known Blow the Man Down finds its way into Swallows and Amazons.  This piece is sure to be found in a book of folk songs with simple arrangements and is excellent for beginner accompanists.  The family can help young or amateur pianists by singing after practise!

Signals,  TARS magazine reports that Arthur Ransome Society events are rich with song at family friendly gatherings, a great way to improve community spirit and bring everyone together!

Chopin was the musician of significance who made his way into Wilde’s work.  He is mentioned  in Intentions, (also the title of the Oscar Wilde Society publication for memebers!) where the character Gilbert passes comment on this piano mastro’s majestic works.  Chopin also makes an impression on the character Lord Henry Wotton in The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Did you know Wilde’s brother was a very good amateur pianist with a particular love of Chopin?

I could add a page about music and include reviews about music or musicians relating to both artists.

Would readers like this?

I shall be reviewing Julian Lovelock’s Swallows, Amazons and Coots for my next post.  His introduction is intriguing.

Look forward to your comments!




Halloween Humour

This is the last of the Halloween related posts.

Thanks go to Mr Chris Wright of UpFront Theatre in Lancaster UK for filming the attached video and to The Friends Meeting House in Lancaster for permission to film.

Though the supernatural was not to Arthur Ransome’s taste, an important writer who lived at the time Ransome was a young man and whose work had a definite taste for the macabre was Saki, also known as H H Munro.

The countryside, animals and nature are central to his famous collection of short stories which satirize the Edwardian era and display a Wildean-type wit.

Born in 1870, Saki became a casualty of The Great War and died in 1916.

One of his tales has a title which would surely have struck a chord with Arthur Ransome is The Open Window.

If you want a taste of the Halloween spirit on the day itself, just click the link.

It’s good to remember  that fun is central to enjoyment of this season.

So – till next year

Happy Halloween!