My Books

Pathways is a collection of poems linked by the theme of journey.  The language is in American and British English in a variety of classical and modern styles of verse.


Pottery by Lladro

The beautiful ornament above inspired my poem in the collection called The Goose Girl.

In his American lecture The Decorative Arts, which I read in  the Complete Works  by Harper Collins,  Oscar Wilde advised his audience to appreciate art in the home.

Although Wilde made a case for the artisan who creates decorations round doors and fireplaces my eyes kept falling back to this pottery piece and a story formed in my mind.

My new book  Wilde Ransomed is about the lost literary legacy of Arthur Ransome, who ensured that Wilde’s legend survived by his brilliant work Oscar Wilde, a Critical Study.

Like both these authors I also have a work for children.  It is a comedy novel  May, Magic and Moonlight and puts a modern spin on the popular English classic Dick Whittington.  For more information see







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