Music, Drawing and Music with the Wilde and Ransome Touch.

Ransome and Wilde offered a bridge to other forms of art in their writing.  Both were fine artists in the sense of an ability to draw.

In fact Wilde thought of being an artist before deciding to be a writer.

His drawing of his youthful first love Florence Balcombe is beautiful.

Ransome also contributed illustrations for his books.

Yet music is an important part of their work.  The old folk favourite such as the well-known Blow the Man Down finds its way into Swallows and Amazons.  This piece is sure to be found in a book of folk songs with simple arrangements and is excellent for beginner accompanists.  The family can help young or amateur pianists by singing after practise!

Signals,  TARS magazine reports that Arthur Ransome Society events are rich with song at family friendly gatherings, a great way to improve community spirit and bring everyone together!

Chopin was the musician of significance who made his way into Wilde’s work.  He is mentioned  in Intentions, (also the title of the Oscar Wilde Society publication for memebers!) where the character Gilbert passes comment on this piano mastro’s majestic works.  Chopin also makes an impression on the character Lord Henry Wotton in The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Did you know Wilde’s brother was a very good amateur pianist with a particular love of Chopin?

I could add a page about music and include reviews about music or musicians relating to both artists.

Would readers like this?

I shall be reviewing Julian Lovelock’s Swallows, Amazons and Coots for my next post.  His introduction is intriguing.

Look forward to your comments!





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